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Mikael Widén

5 questions to Mikael Widén from Sweden.


What are you most looking forward to regarding SGP Borås?
My first grandprix competition and it will be very interesting to try this competition format. Learning from very good pilots and looking forward to meet pilots from other countries. Comparing my old DG808C to JS3/Ventus3/AS33 :-)

What do you do when you are not flying (or working)?
Enjoying family and friends. Playing golf in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Do you have a crew with you?
No crew. Will co-operate with Björn Regnström.

The glider of the future - what do you think it looks like?
I would like to fly the new JS3 RES.


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Mikael is flying this DG 808C with registration SE-UYY.
CN: 2Y
Home club: Linköpings Segelflygklubb, Sweden