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Erik Rudsmark

Erik Rudsmark from Sweden introduces himself

My name is Erik Rudsmark and I live in Borås. I’m 28 years old and have flown since 2010. I live in a smaller house close to the airfield which is nice. I like to build on my house and make it the way I want. 
I often meet my friends and family, sometimes I take a walk with our lovely dog Eliza in the forest and I work as a land surveyor.
I flew my first competition in 2012 and since that I have flown 2 junior world championships and many more. 
This is my first Grand Prix and I look forward to nice flights and meeting new people.
See you in May!
/Erik Rudsmark
World pilot ranking for Erik Rudsmark.
Home club: Borås Segelflygklubb
Glider: DG 808 S