SGP WGC Ranking List

Bjorn Regnström

Meet Björn Regnström from Sweden

What are you most looking forward to regarding SGP Borås?
A lot of flying!

What do you do when you are not flying (or working)?
Worry about climate change.

Tell us a little about your crew!
At least a few days I will have a lawyer as my team, so behave!

The glider of the future - what do you think it looks like?
It will probably look like the present gliders and it will probably be self launching. Maybe it will be lighter and disassemble into smaller parts so it fits in a smaller, lighter trailer and that can be more cheaply towed or transported to other continents for competition and excursions.


World Pilot Ranking. 
Home club: Göteborgs Segelflygklubb, Sweden
Glider: JS3